Values-based wealth transfers... Sustaining wealth across generations

Through collaboration with experts both within and external to our firm, we work with our client families to sustain family wealth across generations. Conventional estate planning is full of procrastination, indecision and typically begins and ends with the numbers. At Soulliere Financial we engage our client families in a design process, that begins and ends with who and what is most important to them. Our Values-Based Wealth Transfer approach to planning enables families to uncover their feelings, beliefs and values about money, which builds the foundation for a plan that supports both their financial and philanthropic aspirations. It is our belief that affluent families, while appropriately concerned about the numbers, are also looking for a firm that recognizes, that to achieve the goal of sustaining wealth across multiple generations, both financial and non-financial, best practices must be employed.

Here is a list, while not exhaustive, of topics we explore before designing a wealth transfer plan for an affluent family:

  • Strategic Planning - clarity around wealth objectives & planning for major life events.

  • Mentoring - financial education for the next generation.

  • Governance - family meetings, conflict resolution and succession planning.

  • Philanthropy - strategic giving, shared values and engaging the children & grandchildren.

  • Trusts & Estates - communicating intentions, having “the money talk”.

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